Ways To Save On Heating Bills

Heating bills are often high during the colder seasons as we all strive to keep warm and comfortable in our homes. There are a variety of ways to cut heating costs and save energy with a few easy tips.

Get a Programmable Thermostat Installed

When you have a programmable thermostat it will allow to turn the heat down when your not home or at night time. Typically every degree you turn down your heat can save on energy by 6%, which can certainly help your yearly energy bill of up to $200.

There are many programmable thermostats on the market. If you get something like a Nest you can control it from your smartphone which provides more flexibility.

Routine Maintenance on Your Furnace

Change your filters either monthly or at minimum every 3 months for optimal heating. Additionally, having your furnace cleaned annually will help it last longer and make it run more efficiently through the years.

Use Rugs on Bare Floors

Rugs will help your feet stay warmer. Wearing slippers or thick socks can help you stay warm as well reducing the temptation to turn the heater up.

Caulk Windows and Insulate Drafty Doors

Taking advantage of inexpensive weather stripping and caulk around your windows and doors will help keep the warm air in your home. Your heater will not come on as often if the warm air is able to stay inside the home allowing you to save energy.

Make Sure Heating Vents are Clear

When heating vents are able to flow and clear of obstruction you will allow heat to circulate better through your home without it rising back into the attic.

Maximize your Blinds and Curtains

In the mornings allow your windows to let the sunshine in to help heat your home. After sunset close them to help provide better insulation.

Take Advantage of Excessive Heat

If you’re using your oven, once you’re done then keeping the oven door cracked or all the way open can allow the excessive heat to flow through the home. Be cautious if there are kids or pets. Always turn your offen off when you not baking.

Space Heaters

If you’re in a single are often a space heater can be beneficial. There are a variety of energy efficient models available. Also there are a lot of options for programmable space heaters too. Just remember to keep the area around a space heater free from clutter or anything flammable.

Ceiling Fans

Just reverse the direction of the fan clockwise during the winter months. You can have the warm air circulating much better as a ceiling fan will drive the warm air down. Be sure to switch the rotation back to counterclockwise once summer arrives.

Turn Down Your Water Heater

Reducing your water heater temperature 10 degrees can save up to 5% on energy costs. A comfortable setting is 120 degrees which is perfect for a show but not so hot it burns you. For electric hot water heaters a timer can help turn it off during the day or when you’re sleeping


A fireplace provides wonderful use and inviting warm feeling. Have your chimney cleaned annually if your regularly use your fireplace. Make sure to close the damper when not in use to prevent warm air from going out of the chimney.


Insulating your attic, ducts, pipes, switches and outlets is one of the best ways to keep warm air in the home. It will be well worth the effort and help save money long term.

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